I am a mother of 5 wonderful children. When I am not digiscrappin' or designing, I love to cook and spend time with my family. We love the nicer seasons and spend lots of time outside whenever weather permits.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been busy and FREEBIES!!!!

So I am done with my first quarter of classes and have some time to scrap!!!! And let me tell you.....I have been sooooo busy scrapping and designing the last few days, I can barely believe it myself.

The first thing that I want to announce (and show off) are my very first ever collections of Commercial Use Templates. I have 4 sets right now. 2 sets are Bracket Templates and 2 sets are 12x12 Page Layout Templates. All sets come with a full set in .png format as well as a full set in .psd format. Each of these sets are currently on sale for only $3.oo each. They are all available in my boutique at Divine Digital.

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
I also decided to keep my Winter Blues kit (which was the Divine Diva Deal last week) on sale for only $2.00 until after Christmas. So be sure to grab it while you can at this great low price.

Another promotion that I am having through Christmas is that if you make ANY purchase in my store for at least $3.00, you get my brand new 4-page Bracket Quickies set made from my Winter Blues kit for FREE!! All you have to do is add the Bracket Quickies to your cart along with at least $3.00 in other items and it's free. It will reflect at checkout!
Be sure to grab my freebie in my previous post that was made with the Winter Blues kit!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Kit and Divine Diva Deal plus a FREEBIE!!

It's been forever since I posted on my blog! But I've got a new kit and it's the current week's Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital. You can get this great new kit of mine for only $2.00 Today thru Dec. 17.

Here's a preview of WINTER BLUES. Best of all, if you purchase this kit and post a layout using this'll get a GREAT freebie. The freebie preview will be posted here tomorrow along with more information on where you need to post your layout to be able to get the freebie!

Plus, I've got a QP freebie made from this kit available right here....RIGHT NOW!! :)

Click on the page to start your download!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogging for Breast Cancer....and FREEBIES

First of all, let me apologize to all the Divine Digital members that were expecting these on the 15th and 16th. I somehow got the dates wrong and am soooooo sorry!!
As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everywhere you turn, I am sure that you are finding some of your favorite products in new pink packaging. At Divine Digital, we decided that we also wanted to help raise awareness. We are calling our event the "Passionately Pink" Event. Be sure to check out what we have going in the forums at Divine Digital. We have many activities this month focused on helping raise awareness. Many of the designers at Divine Digital have contributed to a HUGE MEGA KIT. ALL the proceeds from the sale of this kit will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
We are also having a HUGE BLOG PARTY and blogging for the cure as well. Many designers at Divine Digital are offering freebies on their blogs during this great big BLOG PARTY.
In keeping with the theme of "Passionately Pink"....
Here are a few of my pink things that I am passionate about....
I know that pink isn't normally a color that you would associate with a teenage boy, I know I don't. I don't like pink on men and boys at all either. Before I finished this LO, I even made sure that it was ok with him that I use it. I actually decided that I wanted to do this LO when he came home from school wearing the Breast Cancer Awareness buttons that are shown in the LO. I was very proud of him that he would wear the buttons and show his support for such a great cause.
I'm not sure how many people know this, because I haven't really talked about it much, except to my immediate family, but I just started back to school on October 2. I have been out of high school for 16 years. I have wanted to go back to school for a very long time. When I first decided just to do it, I really thought that I would just take some online classes here and there and then eventually get my degree over a fairly long period of time. But, my husband encouraged me to go ahead and take real classes on campus and to go FULL TIME! He thought that I should go and get the whole experience of going to college. I'm glad that he encouraged me to, because I am really enjoying "the whole experience"!! Since I am now going back to school, that is something that I am passionate about. And to show this off, I decided to make a couple of LO's to show off all my PINK SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!
Photobucket Photobucket
Last but certainly NOT LEAST, one of my most important passions is my family. So, I decided to do a LO showing this passion. Since I'm staying with the pink theme, I decided to include my girls and niece (all wearing some pink) and then some flowers in our garden.
Now, the part you've been waiting for.....
If you like these layouts, I have created quick pages for all of them.
You can download them for free
ALSO be sure to check back tomorrow because I have a few more that I am going to post. I feel REALLY bad about not getting these posted on time.....and want to make it up to EVERYONE!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blog Me Challenge Freebies

There's a great challenge at Divine Digital called the Blog Me Challenge. Basically, at the beginning of the challenge all that wish to participate get a free mini kit. With that mini kit, everyone is to create either (2) 12x12 quick pages or (2) 4x6 brag book quick pages. Then all the participants post their pages on their blogs as fun is that? Not only do you get all the other pages, but if you participate, then you also get the full kit for FREE!!!!

This round, we got to use the Spooky Fun mini kit by Wetfish Designs. Here are the pages that I created.



You can download them HERE.
You can get all the other participants' pages that they created by checking out their blogs:
Hope you have fun!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Just wanted to post a quick update. We had decided to switch back to our old internet provider. Well...our current one got switched off too soon and now we dont have service until next week at home. Make sure to check back because I have been busy and will have a bunch new freebies when I get back on full throttle....

Until then...keep scrapping!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Divine Diva Deal

I am so excited that I have the Divine Diva Deal spot this week.
Check out this weeks AMAZING DEAL!
"Whispering Moments!"

Divine Diva Deal for the Week of August 7th to August 13
On Sale for Just $2.00


I've also decided to extend my "Buy My Store" sale through
Thursday, August 14

Buy every personal use item in my store at Divine Digital for only $30.00!!!



Here's a couple of 12x12 quick pages made by Wendi (aka ScrapMavin) of my CT.
She made them using my Oh Say Can You See kit.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Christmas in July

Join me in the FUN for our annual Christmas in July event!
July 13 - 31 @ Divine Digital.

Freebies Games Challenges Crops Digital Hybrid Prizes TOTAL FUN!

I currently have my whole store at Divine Digitals on sale for 50% off!

But don't stop there....I have an even better deal going on right now. You can buy all the personal use items in my store for only $30.00!!!

Here's my latest freebies.....
These great quickies fit the Basic Grey Keyplate Chipboard Album.
Get them HERE!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Freebies

Well, July begins family birthdays for me. First of all, my two youngest girls' birthdays are on the 10th and 22nd! They will be 7 and 6. I CAN'T believe that my BABY will be 6! So, I have decided to have a big sale from July 10-22. And the sale is 32% off ALL my products! There's also a couple other fun announcements to come, so be sure to check back....I can't tell them yet! :)

I also have lots of fun freebies that I will be offering too. This first freebie is a 3 page set of quickies. They fit the Basic Grey Scallop Chipboard Album (available at Divine Digital)

**freebies no longer available, please check for the latest freebies**

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cool New Freebie

Finally, I am getting new freebie up today. I keep seeing all these Basic Grey Album sets....I think they are really cool myself! So I have ordered one each of th Bracket, Key Plate and Scalloped Chipboad Albums. You can order them from the Boutique at Divine Digital.

So, I decided it was also time that I make some of these albums too. I am giving away my first try at it. Since these aren't full pages, I decided not to call them QUICK PAGES...they are just QUICKIES!
You can download these QUICKIES for just a couple of days.
They will be going in my stores for sale with the rest of the collection in just a few short days!
These quickies were made using my Citric Sunshine kit and Bracket Album templates by Connie Prince/DigiDiva Designs.
I also have a great new product that will be announced in just a few short days as well, please check's a very unique one!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


FINALLY, we are ALL good to go again! I am gonna work tonight to get all caught up on emails, forums, etc. I have some freebies to get ready to post but PHOTOBUCKET got hijacked and they are down for a little bit. Hopefully they will be all up and running again tomorrow. Then I will get some of the freebies posted!!!!

Check back soon!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I swear, when it rains, it POURS....literally and figuratively!!!! So, we have been having some pretty bad storms here. We even had to go to the basement and take shelter and the city's warning sirens went off for a tornado! There wasn't actually one but we had lots of damage in the area with trees falling and such. Well, in one storm part of one of our trees fell on the neighbors fence. Then a couple days later another piece took out wires to our house! Luckily, none were the power lines but cable, phone etc....anyway, they have been so busy with all the damage that it has been kind of slow going. First my landlord had to get over and get their portion of the damage cleaned up and repaired before the cable company could come out and work on their issues. Well, happy to say that we should be all up and running full throttle again on Monday!!! I have been going sooooo stir crazy around the house with NO internet (and the kids with no cable) First it was my puter then get it back and no internet!! brother and his family are here now and they have been keeping me very busy. I have 8 kids in my house right now ages 14, 12, 7, 7, 6, 5, 5, & 2!!! But they are pretty good kids and they are starting to get used to the way we do things around our house and so things are coming together pretty well. I have been using alot of paper plates though!!

I also have a new camera. We got a new one in October and LOVED it. But we had problems with it. We took it in and traded it for the same model several times but we kept having the same problem with a lens problem over and over. So, we finally decided to go to a different model and upgraded in the process. I LOVE my new camera and the pics it takes are amazing. I have taken about 1,000 pics of all the kids just since my brother has been here. I have LOTS to scrap now and have a few layouts in process.

Well, hopefully, everything will go smooth and I'll be up and running on MONDAY....wish me luck!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Wow, today is the last day of school for my children. I've been teary eyed and emotional all day. First of all, today is the last day of middle school for my oldest son. He goes to high school next year and even made a comment about it this morning. I just think that 9th grade is too young to actually be in a high school setting. In Arkansas, they are still in Jr High in 9th grade! But anyway!!!!! Not only that but today my baby graduates from Kindergarten! This is the first year that the school has done a Kindergarten the other two kids that have went to kindergarten at this school are feeling a little left out...but I guess that happens sometimes! We will be leaving soon, we are going to pick up a flower bouquet for her and have to pick up the big kids from school on the way to the graduation.

Also, today is the day that my brother and his family are making their move from Arkansas to Nebraska!!! They have already left and I am soooo excited! It will be so nice to have my niece and nephews (and my brother and his wife) here.

Anyway, I will be posting a new freebie this check back later!!!

OH...and if you are one of the people that left me comments about the RETRO FUNK QP set and would like a coupon to purchase the whole kit for $2.00, please EMAIL ME with your email address so that I can get the coupon code to you!!!

Have a great day and GET TO SCRAPPIN!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok, just to let you all know, my blog looks kinda weird right now, if using Internet least it does on my computer.

I am trying to figure it out but going to bed for the evening. It seems to look fine when using Foxfire. So, please be patient while I figure it out!


I'm Back with FREEBIES!!!!

So I FINALLY have my computer back and running smoothly! I tell you, I was going batty without it! I do have a couple of new kits (well, MEGA KITS) in my Divine Digital Store now.

I am very excited about these new kits. I am VERY proud of my latest kit, RETRO FUNK.

It is just so fun and can be used for all sorts of layouts and creations!

The other new kit is LIFE'S A BEACH.

Here is a preview of both of them...

Both of these kits are currently available for 50% off in my Divine Digital Store. That means that they are both only $3.75 each!

Also, to celebrate my return to the DIGI WORLD, I am offering the FULL set of 12x12 Quick Pages that I have made with my Retro Funk kit.
Check out my store at Divine Digital later today to be able to purchase this QP set!
Here's another way to get my Retro Funk kit SUPER CHEAP....leave me comments on this QP set and what you think about the kit in general. I may use them on my reviews page....and I will also send you a COUPON (make sure you send me your email addy) so you can buy the FULL MEGA KIT for only $2.00!!!
HAVE FUN.....and get to scrappin!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, I guess I am going to have to put my puter in the shop. I just can't figure it out. I am currently at a public computer lab so that I could at least get a post on my blog so that I haven't just disappeared.

I am sooo disappointed and so NEEDING a puter. I am going through withdrawals I think! :)

I was able to get one of my new kits up in my store at Divine today. It is called Life's A Beach. It is currently on sale for the introductory price of $3.75. So it's currently 50% off. It is a huge MEGA KIT and has lots of elements and papers.

I also have another new kit that I SOOOOO wanted to release today too but when I went to get it ready for the store, all the zips didn't upload the other day when I thought they had. :(

But until I can get it uploaded. Here is a preview of some layouts that I did using the new kit, RETRO FUNK. ALL these are made from the same kit and I think you will really like.
These are pics of me as a baby/little girl. The first one is me and my mom. The second one is my mom, me and my little brother. Then last of all....just me.
I did all these for my mom for Mother's Day.
Anyway, as soon as I can, I will get the kit in the store and have make quick pages with each of the layouts that I created and will post those freebies as soon as I can too.

Monday, May 12, 2008


First of all, I want to apologize that I haven't blogged lately and that I didn't get the other freebies posted that I had planned for the NSD and Birthday Bash. I have had some major computer problems and haven't even been able to get online for about a week! GRRRR!!!!
Anyway, I "THINK" I have gotten it all resolved and will post a new freebie tomorrow. This is a BRAND NEW FREEBIE....and I have some new kits that will come out tomorrow too! Make sure to grab my kits currently still on sale for 50% off and if you purchase 15.00 or more you get another 50% off.
I will be changing the sale effective tomorrow.
Talk again soon....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am sooo frustrated with my internet connection. I haven't had an internet connection that would stay up long enough to get my DAY 5 freebie posted. So, I am now posting


Day 5 and 6 Freebies are 4 12x12 quick pages. They were created by my CT MEMBERS, Debbie and Chantal. They were created with my SHAUNDI'S ROOM KIT.


I also did a COMPLETE overhaul on my blog today. Tell me what you think! I think that it looks sooo much better. I designed all the graphics. I started out with a free BLOGGER template that I downloaded online but I changed up quite a bit of it to make it my own.

The only problem is that the images in my previous posts are quite large, and don't quite fit now. So the previous posts don't look so great. But I have all the sizes down right now, so I shouldn't have that problem again!

Have a terrific day and get to SCRAPPIN!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


This is the party that just keeps on giving!!
Here's today's BLOG PARTY FREEBIE!!!

DAY 4 FREEBIES are 2 12x12 quick pages that I created using my FUNKY TOWN KIT.
Be sure to grab it today and check out the blogs for the other Divine Digital Designers that are participating in the BLOG PARTY for MORE FREEBIES!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Kit, Day 3 Freebie and Special Sale!

I just put my newest kit, Citric Sunshine, in my store at Divine Digital.Photobucket
It's currently only $2.50!!!

SPEND $15 in my store and AUTOMATICALLY get 50% off
Here's today's BLOG PARTY FREEBIE!!Photobucket
DAY 3 Freebies are 2 GREAT 12x12 Quick Pages done by my CT MEMBER DEBBIE!
She used my SEEDS OF SUMMER kit.
Thanks Debbie!
Be sure to grab these and the DAY 1 and DAY 2 freebies, after today they will no longer be available! (But a new freebie will!!)
**this freebie is no longer available**

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Birthday Bash & NSD

I was sooo late in posting the first FREEBIE for the blog party (I couldn't get a connection long enough to post it due to the bad weather we were having) Then I got so busy around the house today....I know, excuses, excuses, huh?
Anyway, so now I have Day 1 and 2 Freebies all ready to go!
Day 1 Freebies consist of 2 4x6 BB pages created by my CT Member WENDI using my Spring Fling kit.
Day 2 Freebies are my BRAND NEW GLITTER FILLS!!!! I haven't even released any of these into my stores yet. The freebies are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!
I will leave these freebies up until I post the DAY 4 Freebies, just so everyone has a chance to grab them since I messed up in getting them posted when I should have!
**these freebies are no longer available**

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun with Freebies

So I decided that not only am I going to give away some new freebies that were made by using my newest kit....I am going to give away the kit 3 lucky people.
All you have to do is get the freebie QP's, make a LO of your own with one (or all) and post them to one (or all!!) of your galleries. Let me know where you posted them and I'll enter you in a drawing to get the whole kit for free!!!
I'll announce the winner on Monday, April 30!!!
How easy is that?


Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Layouts with a New Kit

So I have a new kit called Midnight Memories. It is currently available in my Divine Digital Store for an introductory price of only $2.50!!

Here's a preview of the kit:
And here's the LO's that I did of my DD's with the kit....make sure you grab the freebie QP's while they are still available!!

I have also added a NEW CHALLENGE in the forums at DIVINE DIGITAL. For a limited time, you can still purchase my Spring Fling Mega kit for only $2!!! By purchasing the kit and creating a LO with this great MEGA KIT you can get some great posting bonuses!

Monday, April 14, 2008


So, I finally registered a domain name. I have wanted to get my own site for awhile. I won't be opening my own store for awhile really. And my own site for now is pretty much going to be practice for me! :) I also got one for my husband's DJ Business!

My site is....

I haven't even begun to build the site. I just got the domain name and working on setting up my own email address using my domain name. I have been playing around and got an FTP all set up too. I am very proud of myself!!

Anyway, today is day 2 of the Big Divine Digital Birthday Bash! I have posted today's freebies and they are wonderful Quick Pages made by my CT Member Wendi from my Pretty Princess Kit.

Don't forget, ALL my personal use items at Divine Digital are on sale for 50% off. ALSO, you can get my huge MEGA kit Spring Fling for only $2 right now....better hurry because it's only available at the Divine Diva Deal pricing until Wednesday (April 16) night!!!
Check out the kit in action with some Quick Pages made by my CT Members so far!!!


Buy the kit for only $2 and come to the crop in the Divine Digital Chatroom on Wednesday, April 16 at 10 pm EST and get some of these great QP's (and some others too) for FREE!!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Freebies, Challenges, and Sales!!!

Wow, I have really been keeping busy with now having multiple stores. But, hey, it keeps me out of trouble, right? :)

First of all, I have a new freebie! This is a set of brag book pages created my (yet another) CT Member, Alice using my Pretty N Pink kit. I figured this time, I would spruce up the preview and add some pics this time!

Stylin' Sisters

These are my youngest dd's, Malika (6) and Zahara (5, glasses). The top pics were taken just yesterday. They wanted their hair curled with the mom's big curling iron for school! The bottom one is their Spring School pics!

Spring 2008

**this freebie available until Monday, April 14...then we'll have a new one!!**

I am the hostess of the Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital this week.

This week my new kit Spring Fling will be the Divine Diva Deal at Divine Digital. You can pick it up for only $2 right now. Then join me on Wednesday, April 16 at 10 pm EST for crop in the chat room. We'll have a fun chat (and you'll get a participation gift for free!) I'll give you a challenge before we go! You will have 5 days to complete the challenge and post your creation, then you'll get a posting bonus!!

Get this kit for $2.00!!!

I also have new Challenges up at Do It Digi.

There's the Layout Swap. This is a wonderful way to get pics scrapped that you are just stuck for an idea of what to do with them. You get to swap pics with a partner and then scrap each others pics and then swap the LO's! How fun is that?

Then, there's the Name That Kit Challenge. I always have the hardest time naming my kits. Help me come up with the perfect name for this kit and you could get it for free!

DID NTK Challenge Papers

NTK Challenge Elements

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New a New CT MEMBER!!

WOW! I have to say that there was so many talented people that applied to be on my CT. I really felt so honored that so many people wanted to work with my designs. It was a really hard decision but I have made a few offers and had a few accept now. This newest freebie was created by Chantal. She used my Shaundi's Room Kit.


I really like Chantal's LO style. She uses lots of pics in her LO's and her QP's. I usually have lots of pics on one LO. Be sure to grab this wonderful QP Freebie....there will be a new freebie up on Friday and this one will no longer be available!!
I also just released my Cardboard Dodad's Collection at Divine. This collection is CU okay and on sale for 25% off. You can save even more by purchasing the whole collection in a BUNDLE. If you purchase the bundle it is 36% off!!!
Here's some previews of my newest releases at Divine....all on sale for 25% off!!!


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