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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I swear, when it rains, it POURS....literally and figuratively!!!! So, we have been having some pretty bad storms here. We even had to go to the basement and take shelter and the city's warning sirens went off for a tornado! There wasn't actually one but we had lots of damage in the area with trees falling and such. Well, in one storm part of one of our trees fell on the neighbors fence. Then a couple days later another piece took out wires to our house! Luckily, none were the power lines but cable, phone etc....anyway, they have been so busy with all the damage that it has been kind of slow going. First my landlord had to get over and get their portion of the damage cleaned up and repaired before the cable company could come out and work on their issues. Well, happy to say that we should be all up and running full throttle again on Monday!!! I have been going sooooo stir crazy around the house with NO internet (and the kids with no cable) First it was my puter then get it back and no internet!! brother and his family are here now and they have been keeping me very busy. I have 8 kids in my house right now ages 14, 12, 7, 7, 6, 5, 5, & 2!!! But they are pretty good kids and they are starting to get used to the way we do things around our house and so things are coming together pretty well. I have been using alot of paper plates though!!

I also have a new camera. We got a new one in October and LOVED it. But we had problems with it. We took it in and traded it for the same model several times but we kept having the same problem with a lens problem over and over. So, we finally decided to go to a different model and upgraded in the process. I LOVE my new camera and the pics it takes are amazing. I have taken about 1,000 pics of all the kids just since my brother has been here. I have LOTS to scrap now and have a few layouts in process.

Well, hopefully, everything will go smooth and I'll be up and running on MONDAY....wish me luck!!!

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