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Friday, May 30, 2008


Wow, today is the last day of school for my children. I've been teary eyed and emotional all day. First of all, today is the last day of middle school for my oldest son. He goes to high school next year and even made a comment about it this morning. I just think that 9th grade is too young to actually be in a high school setting. In Arkansas, they are still in Jr High in 9th grade! But anyway!!!!! Not only that but today my baby graduates from Kindergarten! This is the first year that the school has done a Kindergarten the other two kids that have went to kindergarten at this school are feeling a little left out...but I guess that happens sometimes! We will be leaving soon, we are going to pick up a flower bouquet for her and have to pick up the big kids from school on the way to the graduation.

Also, today is the day that my brother and his family are making their move from Arkansas to Nebraska!!! They have already left and I am soooo excited! It will be so nice to have my niece and nephews (and my brother and his wife) here.

Anyway, I will be posting a new freebie this check back later!!!

OH...and if you are one of the people that left me comments about the RETRO FUNK QP set and would like a coupon to purchase the whole kit for $2.00, please EMAIL ME with your email address so that I can get the coupon code to you!!!

Have a great day and GET TO SCRAPPIN!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok, just to let you all know, my blog looks kinda weird right now, if using Internet least it does on my computer.

I am trying to figure it out but going to bed for the evening. It seems to look fine when using Foxfire. So, please be patient while I figure it out!


I'm Back with FREEBIES!!!!

So I FINALLY have my computer back and running smoothly! I tell you, I was going batty without it! I do have a couple of new kits (well, MEGA KITS) in my Divine Digital Store now.

I am very excited about these new kits. I am VERY proud of my latest kit, RETRO FUNK.

It is just so fun and can be used for all sorts of layouts and creations!

The other new kit is LIFE'S A BEACH.

Here is a preview of both of them...

Both of these kits are currently available for 50% off in my Divine Digital Store. That means that they are both only $3.75 each!

Also, to celebrate my return to the DIGI WORLD, I am offering the FULL set of 12x12 Quick Pages that I have made with my Retro Funk kit.
Check out my store at Divine Digital later today to be able to purchase this QP set!
Here's another way to get my Retro Funk kit SUPER CHEAP....leave me comments on this QP set and what you think about the kit in general. I may use them on my reviews page....and I will also send you a COUPON (make sure you send me your email addy) so you can buy the FULL MEGA KIT for only $2.00!!!
HAVE FUN.....and get to scrappin!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, I guess I am going to have to put my puter in the shop. I just can't figure it out. I am currently at a public computer lab so that I could at least get a post on my blog so that I haven't just disappeared.

I am sooo disappointed and so NEEDING a puter. I am going through withdrawals I think! :)

I was able to get one of my new kits up in my store at Divine today. It is called Life's A Beach. It is currently on sale for the introductory price of $3.75. So it's currently 50% off. It is a huge MEGA KIT and has lots of elements and papers.

I also have another new kit that I SOOOOO wanted to release today too but when I went to get it ready for the store, all the zips didn't upload the other day when I thought they had. :(

But until I can get it uploaded. Here is a preview of some layouts that I did using the new kit, RETRO FUNK. ALL these are made from the same kit and I think you will really like.
These are pics of me as a baby/little girl. The first one is me and my mom. The second one is my mom, me and my little brother. Then last of all....just me.
I did all these for my mom for Mother's Day.
Anyway, as soon as I can, I will get the kit in the store and have make quick pages with each of the layouts that I created and will post those freebies as soon as I can too.

Monday, May 12, 2008


First of all, I want to apologize that I haven't blogged lately and that I didn't get the other freebies posted that I had planned for the NSD and Birthday Bash. I have had some major computer problems and haven't even been able to get online for about a week! GRRRR!!!!
Anyway, I "THINK" I have gotten it all resolved and will post a new freebie tomorrow. This is a BRAND NEW FREEBIE....and I have some new kits that will come out tomorrow too! Make sure to grab my kits currently still on sale for 50% off and if you purchase 15.00 or more you get another 50% off.
I will be changing the sale effective tomorrow.
Talk again soon....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am sooo frustrated with my internet connection. I haven't had an internet connection that would stay up long enough to get my DAY 5 freebie posted. So, I am now posting


Day 5 and 6 Freebies are 4 12x12 quick pages. They were created by my CT MEMBERS, Debbie and Chantal. They were created with my SHAUNDI'S ROOM KIT.


I also did a COMPLETE overhaul on my blog today. Tell me what you think! I think that it looks sooo much better. I designed all the graphics. I started out with a free BLOGGER template that I downloaded online but I changed up quite a bit of it to make it my own.

The only problem is that the images in my previous posts are quite large, and don't quite fit now. So the previous posts don't look so great. But I have all the sizes down right now, so I shouldn't have that problem again!

Have a terrific day and get to SCRAPPIN!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


This is the party that just keeps on giving!!
Here's today's BLOG PARTY FREEBIE!!!

DAY 4 FREEBIES are 2 12x12 quick pages that I created using my FUNKY TOWN KIT.
Be sure to grab it today and check out the blogs for the other Divine Digital Designers that are participating in the BLOG PARTY for MORE FREEBIES!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Kit, Day 3 Freebie and Special Sale!

I just put my newest kit, Citric Sunshine, in my store at Divine Digital.Photobucket
It's currently only $2.50!!!

SPEND $15 in my store and AUTOMATICALLY get 50% off
Here's today's BLOG PARTY FREEBIE!!Photobucket
DAY 3 Freebies are 2 GREAT 12x12 Quick Pages done by my CT MEMBER DEBBIE!
She used my SEEDS OF SUMMER kit.
Thanks Debbie!
Be sure to grab these and the DAY 1 and DAY 2 freebies, after today they will no longer be available! (But a new freebie will!!)
**this freebie is no longer available**

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Birthday Bash & NSD

I was sooo late in posting the first FREEBIE for the blog party (I couldn't get a connection long enough to post it due to the bad weather we were having) Then I got so busy around the house today....I know, excuses, excuses, huh?
Anyway, so now I have Day 1 and 2 Freebies all ready to go!
Day 1 Freebies consist of 2 4x6 BB pages created by my CT Member WENDI using my Spring Fling kit.
Day 2 Freebies are my BRAND NEW GLITTER FILLS!!!! I haven't even released any of these into my stores yet. The freebies are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!
I will leave these freebies up until I post the DAY 4 Freebies, just so everyone has a chance to grab them since I messed up in getting them posted when I should have!
**these freebies are no longer available**
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